Looking for ideas on how to market your school more effectively?  Click on the pages below to access the Marketing Tool Kit:

MTK 00 Table of Contents.pdf
MTK 02 Core Key Messages.pdf
MTK 03 Catholic Schools At-a-Glance.pdf
MTK 04 School MarketingPresentation.pdf
MTK 05 Diocesan CSW Press Release.pdf
MTK 06 Working with the Catholic Times.pdf
MTK 07 School Marketing Plan Template.pdf
MTK 20 Marketing Plan (Sample).pdf
MTK 21 Information Packet.pdf
MTK 22 Elem At-a-Glance.pdf
MTK 23 High At-a-Glance.pdf
MTK 24 - 29 .pdf
MTK 30 CSW Mass Presentation 09.pdf
MTK 31 CSW Mar. Matl's Distribution.pdf
MTK 32 CSW Press Release Local Schools.pdf
MTK 33 NCEA Logo 09.pdf
MTK 41 Communication Prospective Elem.pdf 
MTK 43 Identify Families Moving In.pdf
MTK 45 Referral Sources.pdf
MTK 46 Parent-to-Prospect Parent HS.pdf
MTK 47 Onhold Messages Elementary.pdf
MTK 48 Onhold Messages High School.pdf
MTK 50 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
MTK 51 Tips for School Tour.pdf
MTK 52 Letter Introduction to Corporate.pdf
MTK 53 At-Risk Task Force.pdf
MTK 54 Post-Tour Survey.pdf
MTK 55 Talking to Parents about Tuition.pdf
MTK 56 Ideas for Statements about Academic Results.pdf
MKT 57 Setting Up a School Store.pdf
MTK 60 Exit Survey.pdf
MTK 61 Marketing Telephone Surveys.pdf
MTK 62 Telephone Survey Response.pdf
MTK 71 Sample Letter for Speaking Engagements.pdf
MTK 72 Tips for Successful Media Interview.pdf
MTK 73 Good Skills for Interview.pdf
MTK 74 Preparing for the Media Interview.pdf
MTK 75 Media Interview Surprises.pdf
MTK 76 Proc Request to Mayor.pdf
MTK 81 Topics for Newspaper Columns.pdf
MTK 82 Letter to Editor Teachers.pdf
MTK 83 Letter to Editor Parents.pdf


Save the Date! 
4th Annual Gala
"Celebrating Catholic School Virtues"
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 
Walter Student Commons
St. Charles Preparatory School
2010 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH
For more information contact: gala@cdeducation.org
Office of Catholic Schools Diocese of Columbus 197 E Gay St, Columbus Ohio 43215  |  Phone: 614-221-5829  |  Fax: 614-241-2563  |  Office@cdeducation.org