What is Ohio’s Educational Choice Scholarship Program?

The Educational Choice Scholarship Pilot Program (Ohio EdChoice) provides a limited number of scholarships to students who attend persistently under-performing public school buildings. The scholarships may be used to attend chartered nonpublic schools that meet the requirements for program participation.

Who will be eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Eligibility is determined by attendance and/or assignment to a public school building which has been rated in “academic emergency” or "academic watch" for two of the past three years.

The following students are eligible to apply for an EdChoice scholarship:
• Students currently enrolled in and attending EdChoice-designated public school buildings (schools rated in Academic Emergency or Academic Watch for two of the past three years) in their resident district;
• Students enrolled in a community school who would otherwise be assigned to one of the EdChoice-designated public school buildings, or;
• Students currently enrolled in a regular public school or community school in their resident district who would be assigned to attend one of the EdChoice-designated public school buildings for the upcoming school year. This provision is for students moving from one level of school to the next. For example, public school students moving from elementary to middle school would be eligible to apply if the middle school that they would be assigned to in the fall is designated for EdChoice;
• Students eligible to enter kindergarten in the next school year who would be assigned to one of the EdChoice public school buildings.

What is the scholarship amount?

The current scholarship amounts are set at $4,250 for elementary school students (grades kindergarten through eight) and $5,000 for high school students (grades 9 through 12) and this maximum amount will adjust slightly every year. The actual scholarship amount paid by the state will be the school’s actual tuition amount for a student or the maximum scholarship amount, whichever is less.

Should my child apply for a scholarship first or apply for admission to a nonpublic school first?

Your child should apply for admission to a participating nonpublic school first. All students who apply for a scholarship must have been accepted for enrollment at a participating nonpublic school.

When will applications be accepted for the scholarships? (Dates change annually)

The next EdChoice application period will begin on February 1, 2013 and continue through April 15, 2013. Students must be admitted for fall 2013 enrollment at a participating chartered nonpublic school. Once a student has been admitted for fall enrollment, the nonpublic school will submit a scholarship application on behalf of the student. Participating nonpublic schools have until April 15, 2013, to submit student applications. The school cannot submit an application until the student is accepted for enrollment. Only one application can be submitted for a student.

Which Catholic schools accept EdChoice students?


All Saints Academy - Franklin - Laura Miller
Bishop Hartley High School -  Franklin - Mike Winters
Bishop Ready High School -  Franklin - Celene Seamen
Bishop Watterson High School -  Franklin - Marian Hutson
Holy Spirit - Franklin - Linda Saelzler
Our Lady of Bethlehem - Franklin - Lori Dullin
Saint Agatha - Franklin - Joan Mastell
Saint Anthony -  Franklin - Chris Iaconis
Saint Cecilia - Franklin - Marge Moretti
Saint Charles Preparatory-  Franklin - Jim Lower
Saint Francis De Sales High School -  Franklin - Dan Garrick
Saint James the Less - Franklin - Yvonne Schwab
Saint Mary, German Village - Franklin - Luna Alsharaiha
Saint Mary Magdalene -  Franklin -  Rocco Fumi
Saint Matthias -  Franklin -  Dan Kinley
Saint Timothy -  Franklin -  George Mosholder
Trinity - Franklin - Jim Silcott
Marion Catholic - Marion  - Al Seitter
Saint Mary - Marion - Nicole Sterling
Bishop Fenwick School - Muskingum - Kelly Sagan
Bishop Rosecrans - Muskingum - Jennifer Mallett
Notre Dame (Elementary) -  Scioto - Ann Kempf
Notre Dame (Jr/Sr) - Scioto - Kathleen Milligan

For more information, see http://EdChoice.Ohio.gov



EdChoice Scholarships

Application Window:
February 1 - April 15, 2013
Students must be enrolled for attendance in the non-public school for Fall of 2013.

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