The Office of Catholic Schools is pleased to announce that the Catholic high schools of the diocese have been named to the Advanced Placement® Achievement List by the College Board for attaining significant gains in both student access and student performance.  Less than 400 school districts in the nation have earned this distinction, and only twenty-five of them in the State of Ohio.  The Diocese of Columbus was the only diocese in the state to be recognized.

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP®) enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.  Each course culminates in a rigorous exam that allows students to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both.  Taking AP® courses also demonstrates to college admission officers that students have sought the most challenging curriculum available to them.  “We are excited that our Catholic high schools have set the bar high and that our students have met the challenge,” stated Lucia D. McQuaide, Superintendent of Schools and Episcopal Moderator for the Diocese of Columbus. “I join the principals of our diocesan high schools in commending those teachers  who have worked so diligently with our AP® students to ensure their future success."


National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence
2007-08 St. Brigid of Kildare, Dublin
2003-04 St. Joseph Montessori, Columbus
2001-02 St. Francis de Sales High School, Columbus
1993-94 Immaculate Conception, Columbus
1992-93 St. Francis de Sales High School, Columbus
1991-92 Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City
1991-92 St. Andrew, Columbus
1989-90 St. Timothy, Columbus
1987-88 Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City
1987-88 St. Michael, Columbus
1985-86 St. Agatha, Columbus

Diocesan Principal Awards
2011 Mike Winters, Bishop Hartley, Columbus
2010 Linda Saelzler, Holy Spirit, Columbus
2009 Janet Weisner, St. Catherine, Columbus
2008 Yvonne Schwab, St. James the Less, Columbus
2007 Scott Power, Sacred Heart, New Philadelphia
2006 Kathy O’Reilly, St. Brigid of Kildare, Dublin
2004 Kathy McClernon, St. Mary, Columbus
2004 Dominic Cavello, St. Charles Prep HS, Columbus
2003 Patrick Rossetti, DeSales High School, Columbus
2002 Sr. Shawn Fitzpatrick, Holy Spirit, Columbus
2001 John Zucal, Immaculate Conception, Dennison
2000 John Durant, Bishop Watterson, Columbus
1999 Mary Lang, St. Brendan, Hilliard
1998 Carol Marsh, St. Matthew Gahanna
1998 Scott Pharion, St. Charles Prep HS, Columbus
1998 Marian Hutson, Bishop Watterson, Columbus
1997 Bill Groce, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City
1996 Kay Kern, Notre Dame Elementary, Portsmouth
1995 Gretchen O'Neill, St. Francis de Sales, Newark
1993 Sr. M. Petra, St. Augustine, Columbus

Romana Hemmelgarn Award
2010 Catherine Watson, St. Timothy, Columbus
2009 Mary Underwood, St. Catherine, Columbus
2008 Mary Ann Hartley, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City

Diocesan Pastor Awards
2011 Msgr. John Cody, St. Christopher, Grandview
2010 Fr. Michael Watson, St. Andrew, Columbus
2009 Fr. Donald Franks, St. Mary, Lancastetr
2008 Fr. Theodore Sill, St. Patrick, London
2007 Fr. Charles Klinger, St. Paul, Westerville
2006 Fr. James Smith, St. Matthew, Gahanna
2004 Fr. Charles Thomas, St. Vincent de Paul, Mount Vernon
2003 Msgr. Edward Trenor, Christ the King, Columbus
2002 Msgr. Anthony Missimi, Immaculate Conception, Columbus
2001 Msgr. Kenneth Grimes, Our Lady of Peace, Columbus
2000 Msgr. Tony Frecker, St. Peter, Chillicothe
2000 Fr. Donald Franks, St. Mary, Chillicothe
1999 Fr. Thomas Shonebarger, St. Timothy, Columbus
1998 Msgr. Dave Sorohan, St. Catherine, Columbus
1997 Msgr. Paul Enke, St. Brigid, Dublin
1996 Msgr. William Maroon, St. Brendan, Hilliard
1995 Msgr. McFarland, St. Matthew, Gahanna
1994 Fr. Raymond Lavelle, St. Matthias, Columbus




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