Dear Friends of Catholic Education, 

Welcome to the Office of Catholic Schools website.  We invite you to explore its pages where we are proud to showcase the success of the schools of the Diocese of Columbus.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests reveal that Catholic school students perform significantly better in reading, math and science than their public school peers (National Catholic Educational Association). Catholic students in Catholic high schools, compared to Catholic students in public high schools, attend church more, place a higher value on religion, have a more positive outlook on marriage and family, express more concern for other people, and more often express a belief that they will graduate from college (The Heart of the Matter:  Effects of Catholic High Schools on Student Values, Beliefs & Behaviors, NCEA).

I am confident that the information presented within this website will serve as a powerful testimonial to the positive impact that our schools have had not only within the communities they serve, but society at large.   Certainly, such a demonstrably successful track record deserves your thoughtful consideration.  We look forward to joining in partnership with you to ensure that your child will have the gift and blessing of a Catholic education.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Lucia D. McQuaide
Superintendent of Schools and
Episcopal Moderator for Education

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