Diocesan Catholic Schools Advisory Commission

Strategic Plan (Approved September 2008)


The Diocesan Catholic Schools Advisory Commission recommends the following as long-term Preferred Future goals for the Catholic elementary and secondary schools of the Diocese of Columbus:

I. Make Catholic education accessible, available, and affordable for every parishioner and present opportunities to other students

II. Deliver and measure excellence and equity of educational services for students of all abilities

III. Increase authority and responsibility of the Office of Catholic Schools for the schools of the diocese.
      A. Centralize school operations at the diocesan level, where appropriate.
            1.) Centralize school financing (Finance Committee)
            2.)  Provide planning process and template (Planning Committee)

      B. Develop and coordinate the alternative delivery of services to schools (e.g., online programs)
           1.) Review OCS’s services to schools to identify service needs and suggested alternative delivery system            
               (Public Relations Committee)

IV. Align and structure resources to mission and need
      A. Analyze dollars devoted to mission 
      B. Provide recommendations for reallocation of resources

Action Steps: 2008-09 School Year

Planning Committee
As a follow-up to the Diocesan Parish Self-Study and Planning Process and working with the Director of School Planning and Development, the Planning Committee is assisting in the development of an Elementary School Self-Study and a Secondary School Self-Study which will lead to recommendations and implementation scenarios for each individual school as well as initiating collaboration with deanery parishes.  Projected implementation date:  2009-2010 school year.

Finance Committee
Working with the Superintendent of Schools and the diocesan Finance and Investment Director, the Finance Committee is assisting with a pilot study on financial effect of central purchasing on elementary schools.  Projected implementation date of elementary school pilot: 2009-10

Public Relations Committee
Working with the Office of Catholic Schools Director of Technology, the Public Relations Committee is reviewing the current connectivity capability and availability to schools and updating the OCS webpage plus adding a “Commission” webpage.  Projected implementation: 2009-10

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